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Technology in Music Ed Blog

Welcome to my blog!

As part of my Music Education degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, I will be blogging my experiences in the class of Technology in Music Education.

  • Activities – 4
    Aural, Score Reading and Performance Analysis Read all about aleatoric music Identify all places in the score of Therein Lies that include aleatoric music Watch this segment of the video of the performance. This is the music from Letter B. 2:16-3:06 How do aleatoric devices create interest in this piece? Watch the communication between performersContinue reading “Activities – 4”
  • Activities – 3
    Performance Perform the class arrangement of the start of Therein Lies Activity 1 – students can choose a section of the piece and arrange it for their groups to suit their instrumentation. Students can follow the structure scaffolded in the arrangement. Activity 2 – students can adapt one of the soundscapes from the previous lesson/createContinue reading “Activities – 3”
  • Activities – 2
    Composition and Score Reading Look at the first 8 bars of the composition. How many notes are used? The notes A, B, C#, D, E and F# are almost the only notes used (with the exception of the pedal G and C natural) How has the composer utilised a limited pitch set to create interestContinue reading “Activities – 2”
  • Activities – 1
    Listening and Discussion Students will listen to Therein Lies After listening, students to discuss what images the music evoked in them. Link to the ideas of nature which inspired the piece. Read them the program notes and discuss. Listen again. After this listening discuss if their perceptions have changed having heard the program notes byContinue reading “Activities – 1”
  • Therein Lies – Listening Guide
    Section Major Events Opening Pitch – harmonics, limited pitch range in the opening 8 bars, chromaticism to contrast in b9 and b14, fragmentation of first motive (b3) in b1-2, centred predominantly around A Major with occasional C naturals b1-9, B minor b10-14Duration – multimeter, accelerando and poco rit, feathered beaming, time scale notation, rhythmic alterationContinue reading “Therein Lies – Listening Guide”
  • Therein Lies – Score and Audio
    Audio and Video
  • Therein Lies – Contextualisation
    About the Composer Christine Pan is a Sydney-based composer known for her versatility in style and malleability in form. Her works intertwine Australian and Asian musical aesthetics and are often developed from social-cultural and philosophical frameworks. She has composed for physics professors and engineers to dancers and orchestras, often with a strong feeling of musicalContinue reading “Therein Lies – Contextualisation”
  • Gamelan Blog 3
    In our final week of Gamelan, we had just enough time to run through the Lengker at the start of class and jump into learning our final (and oldest) piece, Gilak Dung. This ceremonial funeral march included the normal lagu and kotekan sections, however, we also learned to play the ceng ceng in alternation withContinue reading “Gamelan Blog 3”
  • Gamelan Blog 2
    We all came along to 1033 for another week of Gamelan, bleary eyed after a class-wide late night submitting our SSME Unit of Study. We began with a run-through of Baris Tumbak and revisiting the lagu and kotekan before jumping into learning the next piece, Lengker. This piece was much different from the highly energeticContinue reading “Gamelan Blog 2”
  • Gamelan Blog 1
    In first year we had our first experience with Gamelan with a two hour intensive with Gary Watson. Three years later we’re back in the very same room, this time with Peter Dunbar-Hall and a slightly different cohort. Baris Tumbak Today we started off by learning the lagu to Baris Tumbak. Sat at our kantilanContinue reading “Gamelan Blog 1”
  • Comp Diary 5
    With the stress of prac, assignments and my recital, I truly have not looked at the piece until this morning. I had planned all week to work on it in the afternoon, but I couldn’t find time between the exhaustion of end-of-semester fatigue + prac stress + lesson planning to sit down and finish itContinue reading “Comp Diary 5”
  • Comp Diary 4
    We had the workshop to present our first sketches of our comp today. Unfortunately, the class ran very overtime and I didn’t get a chance to present my idea for workshopping. However, I am pretty confident with what I have so far – I am only unsure about the suitability of my viola part andContinue reading “Comp Diary 4”
  • Comp Diary 3
    Today we have our finished drafts due in class to be played by Quart-Ed. In the chaos of the last few weeks, I haven’t done much to add to my comp. So in the spirit of HSC comp, I spent most of this morning finishing it off. I hadn’t thought much about this until lastContinue reading “Comp Diary 3”
  • Comp Diary 2
    In true HSC style, I spent most of last night before I went to bed doing my last minute edits to my composition before the 16 bar workshop today. I wish I had better time management skills and less stuff due next week, however, it is what it is. I have passed the melody fromContinue reading “Comp Diary 2”
  • Comp Diary 1
    Working from my ideas that I developed in the previous assignment, I am using the ideas of fragmentation extensively throughout this composition. I have gone with the 6/8 idea I developed, however, I decided to go with a slower tempo as I felt the rhythmic and harmonic speed matched the original andante tempo more accurately.Continue reading “Comp Diary 1”
  • After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Five
    CANNONS? or CANONS? Calm down Tchaikovsky! We’re just writing in Canons today not using Cannons (maybe next time). A canon is where a musical idea is directly imitated by another part in unison or at a different pitch. You’ve probably heard of this dude Pachelbel’s Canon. It’s pretty famous. But did you know that BachContinue reading “After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Five”
  • After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Four
    Fragmentation One of the other compositional techniques we can use to develop our piece is something called fragmentation, or the use of part of the motive. In our motive, you can take any idea from it and use it to help develop the motive, create an accompaniment, or to use as part of the bassContinue reading “After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Four”
  • After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Three
    We have our opening four bars all arranged and harmonised nicely. Let’s go back to ‘After Bach’ and look at one of the other compositional devices that Matthew Hindson used. Composers use these devices to develop the motive and create contrast. Rhythmic Augmentation Rhythmic Augmentation – augmenting, or extending, the duration of notes in aContinue reading “After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Three”
  • After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Two
    So now we’re familiar with our stealing piece, let’s start planning our composition! I am going to be writing my composition for string quartet (two violins, viola and cello), however, you are free to use this as a guide to write for any instrument combination. The String Quartet In the style of our inspiration workContinue reading “After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part Two”
  • After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part One
    So who’s this Bach dude? Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is who many people consider the father of harmony and Baroque music. He and his family were some of the most famous and prolific composers and musicians of the time! Bach was a celebrated harpsichordist and organist. He started composing when he was a young boy,Continue reading “After Bach – Great Artists Steal – Part One”
  • After Bach – Matthew Hindson (2018)
    An Analysis Find the perusal score here from Faber Music. Score excerpts from the Bach pieces are taken from IMSLP from here and here. Matthew Hindson has used motifs from J.S. Bach’s Sonata I for violin solo (BWV1000) movement 1 and Cello Suite No. 1 (BWV1007), movement 1. This has inspired the title, ‘After Bach’Continue reading “After Bach – Matthew Hindson (2018)”
  • Presentation Evening
    We’ve just had our evening of SCMTME project presentations and I’m very relieved this semester is over! Thank you for everyone who came and supported me on the night, and for everyone who read my blog along the way. I don’t really have any photos to share of everything because I was busy presenting andContinue reading “Presentation Evening”
  • Project
    Hours of blood, sweat, tears and coffee have culminated to produce this: my magnum opus of educational videos. I promise I didn’t intend to become a cliché YouTube influencer by making a weird thumbnail, but the opportunity was too good… I hope you all enjoy! There’s definitely a reward for making it through to theContinue reading “Project”
  • Week 16
    Project Update: editing is finally done! I just finished my editing, rendering and exporting of my video. It ended up being exactly what I hoped it would be. Although I’m generally disappointed in myself for doing everything so last minute and not getting the interviews, I’m happy with what I’ve made. I feel like it’sContinue reading “Week 16”
  • Week 15.5
    Project Update: the home stretch Currently I’m sitting here at the Con. I’ve just finished filming all my videos and I’m now starting to edit my clips, audio samples and images. Building on my experience with Premiere Pro this semester, I made sure that I left myself a few seconds of sitting there either sideContinue reading “Week 15.5”
  • Week 15
    Project Update Hey all! Last week I took some time off from my weekly blogs to focus on my project and study for my upcoming exams. About a month ago I made by blog about my project plan and ideas and all that jazz. Being realistic and completely honest, I actually did absolutely nothing untilContinue reading “Week 15”
  • Week 13
    What’s inside: Final TME class of the semester/Final installment in the Ethan Hein Residency for me Ableton tricks in practice Popular Music Studies x TME crossover event Ethan Hein in TME In a continuation of the amazing residency, Ethan came to our TME lecture this week and helped us learn some tricks in Ableton! HeContinue reading “Week 13”
  • Week 12.5
    Ethan Hein Special Edition In this week’s special edition of mid-week blogs, this actually isn’t one about TME, but rather, two other ed subjects I’m currently taking, Popular Music Studies (PMS) and Fundamentals of Teaching (FoT)! PMS As I sit here reflecting on the PMS lecture, listening to DAMN by Kendrick Lamar, the Pulitzer PrizeContinue reading “Week 12.5”
  • Week 12
    What’s inside: Steps towards beating procrastination Procrastination: bad! Organisation: good! It seems quite ironic that I’m writing this blog as I currently procrastinate the two assignments I have due next week (and the ones due in the weeks following…) Personally, I have a bullet journal. I got into bullet journaling because the diaries they gaveContinue reading “Week 12”
  • Week 11.5
    Project Planning Schedule and Initial Ideas Initial Ideas Lots of the docos out there on YouTube at the moment are just compilations of songs from 1955-2017 or 1929-2019. There is one Sydney Con paper presentation from 2012. Nothing really contemporary or history/background based. This is the direction I want to take – unique market appeal,Continue reading “Week 11.5”
  • Week 11
    What’s inside: The Modern Musician’s Toolkit Project Idea Confirmed! I know all you avid readers will be disappointed, but there’s no awesome song or video to entertain you this week made in class… I might include a sneaky link to a remix I made for another class this week at the end, but I digress.Continue reading “Week 11”
  • Week 10
    Major Project Ideas So it’s come to that point in the semester that I have to choose my major digital creative project for class and it’s actually a lot harder than I expected! Being a part of the tech-gen, so much of my life has been shaped by the influences of technological development. Computer classesContinue reading “Week 10”
  • Week 9
    What’s inside: Electronic Mayhem via Ableton Four (4!) Challenges??? This week was a very exciting week for me! I love electronic music so getting to play around with the technology and fancy resources with supervision (and structure) was a dream come true. Being an electronic/dance music fan (which I’ll talk more about next week), I’veContinue reading “Week 9”
  • Week 8
    What’s inside: The Maker Movement So this week I decided to spice things up a little and give myself a doubly challenging week to write my blog. Well, write isn’t exactly the right work this week… Instead of my usual written blog, I decided that I’d test my video/audio editing skills as well as myContinue reading “Week 8”
  • Week 7
    What’s inside: Synthesiser basics Sonic Pi: coding meets music Synth basics Through high school I actually played percussion, and later keys, in my stage band. Our favourite and best set was our “Bruno Mars” set with Treasure, Locked out of Heaven and Runaway Baby. On quite a few of these charts there was either aContinue reading “Week 7”
  • Week 6
    What’s inside: Video editing using pro software (not as a pro) The magic of screen recording Adobe Premiere Pro As part of the whole Miss Corona time out, the University of Sydney has graciously given us access to the Adobe fancy programs (none of which I have ever considered using, nor do I know howContinue reading “Week 6”
  • Week 5.5
    In this week’s interlude post, I thought I’d share my experiences with online instrumental lessons. I’ve had two violin lessons online this week and both lessons were very different experiences. The first lesson went pretty well: the audio was better than expected, both my teacher and I could see each other quite well and theContinue reading “Week 5.5”
  • Week 5
    What’s inside: Videoing Audio Bonus Content Videoing Videoing a performance or a class is a lot harder than expected. There’s all this stuff about videoing from different angles so you can see the item more clearly and making sure the video itself looks good. In my experience of videoed performances, I’ve just had a videoContinue reading “Week 5”
  • Week 4
    What’s inside: The first Zoom lessons Music Notation software ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM Today’s class is brought to you entirely by experimentation with technological music education for the first time! Zoom is pretty cool so far – I don’t mind it. I feel like there’s potentially going to be issues when my home internet konks outContinue reading “Week 4”
  • Week 3.5
    It’s Corona/CoVid Time?? I know the new “C” word might be a bit scary for all of us at the moment. I know I’ve been very overwhelmed in the past few days with the hundreds of Canvas notifications and emails from Uni on top of all the overload of media attention. I’m in a privilegedContinue reading “Week 3.5”
  • Week 3
    What to expect this week: Critical Thinking™️ New website design Memes (really bad ones I’m sorry) Critical Thinking A big theme for this week is critical thinking. Whether that’s about a scholarly article you’re reading for the Class/Rom tutorial assignment, or even the article on top moments from Kath and Kim from Pedestrian TV thatContinue reading “Week 3”
  • Week 2.5
    In a break from the usual schedule of posting, I’m here to update you all on all the audio clips I’ve been talking about in my week 1 and 2 blogs. Exciting news – I have solved my technology dilemmas and worked out a way of uploading audio files without having a premium wordpress accountContinue reading “Week 2.5”
  • Week 2
    Audio Recording/Tracking This week extended what we started with GarageBand and SoundTrap last week. Instead of using pre-made sounds to create music, we made our own sounds. We learned how to plug in interfaces so that we could use microphones directly into our computers. In groups we recorded a selection of sounds to create aContinue reading “Week 2”
  • Week 1
    Mindfulness? A good way to make sure you’re in a mentally good space to start of a semester of hard brain work is to begin with a meditation. One of my favourite meditation apps is Headspace (available to download on the App Store and Google Play.) Soundtrap To kick off the actual working hard bitContinue reading “Week 1”
  • Week 0
    Hello! This is my first blog on this site and since we haven’t officially begun coursework so I’ve decided to give you all a little rundown of my experiences with technology and music education. Using SmartBoards Music notation software (eg. Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore) Electronic music production software (GarageBand, GroovePizza) Uploading personal work to SoundCloud UsingContinue reading “Week 0”

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